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The New Jersey Association of Nurse Anesthetists (NJANA) is a professional association with over 600 members dedicated to advancing and advocating for safe, accessible anesthesia care for patients and the professional interests of Certified Registered Nurses (CRNA’s) in the State of New Jersey. 

NJANA serves as a resource for CRNA’s, the nursing and medical professions, hospitals, health care facilities, patients, and others interested in the practice of nurse anesthesia through continuing education programs and political and public advocacy and education.  In collaboration with the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, NJANA offers its members resources supporting the continued advancement of patient safety and practice excellence.

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Tracy Castleman

for AANA Region 1 Director! 


Dear Colleague,

I'm Tracy Castleman, CRNA, MS, APN, and I would be honored to receive your vote for the AANA Board of Directors.As a nominee for AANA Region 1 Director I would like to share with you my experiences and commitment for our great profession.


· Like 80+ percent of all CRNAs, I have spent much of my 23-year career working in the anesthesia care team (ACT). I have thrived in one of our profession's most challenging work environments-New Jersey.The knowledge and experience I've gained standing up to anesthesiologists in academic institutions, trauma centers, and community hospitals willprove invaluable serving on the AANA Board.I understand the difficulties of practicing in an ACT and how it affects the way we provide care, are reimbursed, and are perceived by our patients and colleagues. The voice of a CRNA who shares a kindred experience with so many AANA members needs to be heard on the AANA Board, and I am certain that I am qualified to be that voice.

· As a 3-term member of the AANA State Organizational Development Committee and long-time member of the NJANA Board, I know the challenges facing our state leaders.An informed perspective is needed to help create leadership development opportunities that empower our state leaders-and state associations-to flourish. The 50 State Service Strategy is a great start, but more is needed. It is imperative that we continue to develop a succession of strong state leaders with the knowledge and skills required to protect and advance our profession.

· When I was an SRNA, I served as the student rep on the Council on Accreditation (COA). As a CRNA, I have been involved in advocating for and educating SRNAs on all levels. I believe it is critical for CRNAs to respect the educators who work tirelessly to maintain our programs, but I also understand the concerns voiced by many members that our graduates need to be fully prepared to enter the workforce. The AANA Board must assist the COA in this endeavor while demanding that programs only accept students who meet the highest standards for entry into our profession and represent the diversity in today's society.I would embrace the opportunity to again work with the COA to ensure that our graduates are fully able to meet the needs of our changing healthcare environment.

· I would also embrace the opportunity, and challenge, of representing our members' recertification interests as the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) program counts down to its August 2016 launch date. This year's Board has made great strides with the NBCRNA and the CPC, but its work is not finished.Like any other practicing CRNA, I have a keen interest in making sure the CPC is respectful of the recertification process that has served our profession so well, and I feel qualified to help our Board ensure that the membership is well represented on this issue.


It would be my pleasure to represent you on the AANA Board of Directors!



Tracy Castleman, CRNA, MS, APN
Candidate, Region 1 Director







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